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Praise your dark moments, they can be a breakthrough

you’re in a rut

The last months of 2019 my life was out of control. I recognized the signals from two earlier occasions. My work assignments almost stopped, I had more dis-eases and I couldn’t sleep well. This time it seemed really serious and I knew in general that the best way forward is to surrender. It bothered me that I was living in a world where nothing lasts. Things just went up and down. Nothing was profound. I desired a simpler life and I decided that my mind still ruled too much. I started to work on some traumatic experiences from the past. Which I did successfully and finally one day something inexplicable happened to me. Suddenly, I experienced in my body an everlasting peace and happiness. I became aware of a world that is based on solid powerful being. Things appear and disappear but this beingness is the peaceful centre. Of course, I had already read something about it, but I had never experienced it myself. Eckhart Tolle describes it wonderfully in his book the Power of Now, guide to spiritual enlightenment.

Now, after I have experienced it myself what strikes me most is that it’s so obvious. Why didn’t I see it before? I remember moments that were a bit similar, but they didn’t last for long. The ‘centre being’ was missing. What if enlightenment is this obvious? What if there is no mystery? Isn’t it in front of us, staring at us, waiting until we finally see it? I think the mind overlooks it, because it simply can’t understand the unimaginable. The mind can’t grasp, clarify, sort or value ‘no-things’ like presence, awareness, beingness or oneness. We train our minds to focus on content. The real thing is LIKE no-thing. A fulfilling peaceful emptiness. Of course, we can read wonderful books about it, but it’s only after I experienced it myself that I, by scanning the books again, realized that it has something to do with the real thing.  I’m not sure of course, but I don’t care. My life is a lot simpler now. I’m deliriously happy with this breakthrough.

As John Greven, the writer in Oneness, the destination you never left states: “What is obvious, but perhaps overlooked, is by far more than you have-or can image.”  ( John Greves)

John Greven has a wonderful metaphor for these kinds of breakthroughs. At the moment our mind is disrupted or confused, we can more easily notice things the mind normally overlooks. Greven uses the example of his focus on the space between the letters in the word “nowhere”. He suddenly reads “now here”.  Right at the moment you think your nowhere, you’re actually in the now and here !! Ready to encounter your true self. Wow, this is a real paradigm shift. So, in the now it’s appropriate to think and feel your nothing? (no past, no future, just now) Yes, because when you’re nothing you’re open to really everything. No filters, no judgements, no boundaries but true love to whatever reveals itself to your liberated awareness. Liberated from the constraints of the mind. A familiar other constraint is: “It can’t be that simple ! It must be more complicated”.

No sir, it’s that simple! “Enlightenment” for example is hard to find, because guru’s say it’s about “finding” your true self. The great thing is…..We already are our true selves !! Finding our true selves is like a fish looking for water. The best moment for the fish to become aware of the presence of water is when it’s being pulled to dry land. A real dark disruptive moment. So, don’t try to become or to improve, just try to be aware of the real you. And don’t forget, it’s right in front of you. But…the moment you think: “I’ve got it !” You couldn’t be further off. Your mind will immediately take over with desires, fantasies and in the end the fear to lose what you’ve just achieved. When you feel you’re ‘nowhere’ and out of your comfort zone, you’re close and when a sudden indefinable inner peace takes over, your connected. Stay alert for the fears and doubts your mind will throw in. Just observe them and don’t take them serious. Your mind will try to stay in ‘power’ because it wants to save you .

Dark night of the soul

The world we live in today is terrorized by the egoistic mind. The rules of the heart seem to be disappearing. Nothing is real. Things just come and go. We live between failure and success. Many people experience disruptive moments, lose a partner, friends or family to the big C. or can’t see a future for themselves anymore and lose faith. Chances are that they are confronted with the “dark night of the soul” Trust that and don’t resist. You’re being pulled to dry land for a reason. Let me try to explain the importance of these disruptive periods. I’m offering you a song and several articles. If you still have questions or just want to thank me for this sharing, send me an email (

Constraints of the mind

So, our real selves are far more than… and beyond our minds. This means that we can experience our real selves right now, but we will never understand it. To be aligned to it, we will have to distant our-selves from everything that is perishable and all that changes. Close your eyes to the appearances of what we normally call the ‘real’ world. As Jesus said:”Leave everything behind and follow me.” 

Praise to all who experience these dark nights of the soul. You’re about to meet with your true inner self beyond the mind.

What comes up and goes isn’t real.

“Vanity of vanities. All is vanity.

What do people gain from all their labors
    at which they toil under the sun?
Generations come and generations go,
    but the earth remains forever.

Bible Ecclesiastes 1

Our mind can’t also see ‘the real you’, because it can’t comprehend the lack space or time.  Our mind-if it even exists- is a part of the real you, not vice versa. I know this is shocking news to most of us. Most people think their mind is their identity, but it’s just a wonderful computer made of braincells. It can be programmed and do exceptional things. But it definitely has its limits:”garbage in garbage out”. We all have to learn how to stop thinking. Most thinking is ill thinking, because it is linked to egocentric needs and the greatest fear of the ego…. death!

How real is enlightenment?

I can confirm I never saw flashing lights and until today I can’t walk or see through walls. My body feels a bit different. That’s it. I will never claim enlightenment, because I still don’t know what that is. I wonder if it even exists. Furthermore, it didn’t happen to me all at once. I remember three moments that changed my life fundamentally and today I think they are related. The first moment in France I had no clue what had happened to me, but I could not continue with my old approaches and habits. The second moment in Germany I was more aware of what was revealed to me. And after the third moment I made a fundamental choise. But after each moment I had to check what just had happened to me. All three were almost insignificant but breathtaking experiences, but building up to something big and unknown.

This is what I wrote after the first moment in France (see below).

 Finally after a magical moment during sunset in France, I experienced a new perfect and beautiful stilness I could not yet explain and soon after, I had to end my line of business. Somehow, I had encountered a new dimension and I could not fully return to the old ones. Until then, my imagination had been the strongest creative power I knew. It helped me solve problems in everyday life and made me a successful and innovative entrepreneur. This stilness however surpassed my individuality and it had the neutrality and therefore the freedom of an unimaginable no-thing.

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Co-creating with the unimaginable (chapter 1 Christmas or Xmas)

The story of Christmas is perhaps the most famous narrative about the “unimaginable and precious” happening within the context of an always so harsh day-to-day reality. In this case it’s about two refugees being excluded from a proper place to give birth to their child. A harsh reality still continuing to be part of the daily lives of many people 2020 years later. Nothing new or creative occurring, so it seems, in this part of the story.

In advance of this narrative both Mary and Josef were approached by two separate angels explaining them what was bound to happen. The angels requested them to see the coming events from a different “angle” and to have trust in G-d. The couple listened and did have trust. They knew that G-d was for them, so what could be against them? By saying: ”thy will be done”, they made it possible for the Unimaginable to co-create with them. Maybe they did, but they didn’t need to feel fear or frustration anymore. The appearances of poor circumstances for the couple and the child seemed unsafe, but in fact protected them. They simply trusted that things would turn out just fine. And they were right. At the right moment an angel warned Josef to leave Bethlehem. Eventually, the soldiers of king Herod didn’t find them and wise men came from the Far East to pay their respect and sponsored them abundantly.

Isn’t it remarkable that king Herod totally missed the billboard: “star in heaven”, while the same star inspired three wise kings to make the effort for a long journey and navigated them towards Bethlehem? If you don’t see or understand things, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Herod’s lack of wisdom and his fears made it impossible for him to value a star in heaven. Instead, the news of a birth inspired him to a senseless slaughter of babies.

Everyone believing the philosophy of an autonomous tangible world outside of us, will tell us to stay to the facts. Mary and Josef had a lousy trip to Bethlehem and finally had to flee to Egypt. In the end they were just lucky and Herod predictably acted to defend his position of power. Period.

It’s up to you reader, what do you think really happened here? If you are an admirer of the autonomous tangible reality, you can stop reading now. The rest of this tale will not interest you. In case you intend to read the rest, ask yourself why? Seriously, why do you want to know more of this? Are you searching for more arguments to oppose the “non-sense” that might follow? Why would you bother? You already know the facts. Try to imagine that you feel the need to defend yourself? Why would you need defence? Where do you see an attack coming from?

If you are willing and capable of seriously answering these questions, you will become aware of inner values, beliefs or opinions blocking you from co-creating with the Unimaginable.

In chapter 2 I will try to explain why this is so important for us today in the world we live in.

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